Here are some of my favourite websites

  •               By far the best site to buy new and used books from
  •      A good site about building an affordable boat hence the volkscruiser title
  •     A good old family yarn about cruising on a yacht with three kids, I get there regular updates and always enjoy them.
  •            I surf this site daily and are always buying used gear from it.
  •               Free thinkers about what a boat should look like and I love there square boat pirate flag.
  •                  We always surf this site when we need a cheap place to stay.
  •         Same again, good for cheap accommodation  and we always compare them with wotif.
  •                          Good site, but I hate all the auction bullshit. Often I make one bid then just forget it.
  •                No bloody way is this site any good, should be called look at me I am so special even if I have no life.
  •    Cheap stainless screws with free delivery if you spend over $30, and it is usually next day if you order before 12!
  •  Good price sails, I got my near new gaff mainsail for $670.


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