Past boats are like past girlfriends. You try and remember their best points and forget the rest.....


That's the old mans trawler on the left. I never owned her but the amount of free labour I provided maintaining and working on her should have entitled me to a share of her! Actually we had some really great times on her even if she did roll pretty bad. The yacht on the right is a 32 plywood Childs I owned during my apprenticeship. I purchased half of her for $2500, the rest of her was on the Wellington beach. I then spent 8 months restoring her and then lived on her while I finished my boat building apprenticeship. The biggest trip Tina and I did on her was Nelson to New Plymouth and back again.

The yacht on the left is a folk boat we purchased in Canada then spent two seasons sailing the great lakes. That is fantastic sailing, fresh water and loads of different anchorages. The yacht on the right is a Roberts 25 that we got as a hull and deck then we fitted her out and put a junk rig on her. Why? You ask me, lets just say one junk rigged yacht was enough.

Then there was our Triton 24 Purple Haze. We were half way through building a house and I just had to have a yacht. She was cheap and turned out to be a great yacht. Good sailing and enough room for three of us. When Pips came along we realised we needed a bigger yacht. So the Volkscruiser was born.


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